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I need opinions.

I’m drawing Tom Hiddleston (yep………yep) and I’m not sure which one I want to draw.

Help me pick?

  1. purrloin answered: 2
  2. once-upon-a-critical-hit answered: #3!
  3. pommellbloom answered: last one please!
  4. laurelleehoma answered: my vote is the first one
  5. the-bucky-barnes answered: I like the second one! :)
  6. smartassriver answered: 2nd
  7. rock-your-red919 answered: ALL
  8. lovejdforever answered: Th first one!! :D
  9. b--ucky answered: The third one. :)
  10. staalinthefamily answered: Bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom. Beard, beard, beard, beard.
  11. ohfuckitscourtnee answered: second one.
  12. chuckles-hansen answered: all of the above
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